The Ebb and Flow Restaurant

The meticulously decorated Ebb and Flow Restaurant is outdone only by the exquisite food served here. Our award-winning chef creates delicious meals with a unique Welsh flavour to be savoured and enjoyed. Welsh ales and an extensive wine list offer drinks sure to please. Here at the Ebb and Flow is the very best of Welsh food, service, and atmosphere, overlooking the historic Conwy Castle.

Sample Menus to print & Share

To book a table for a group of 7 or more in the Ebb and Flow restaurant or for a special gathering, you might like to have a private fine-dining experience.  Our helpful events team  will look after you.  

They will make your booking, send out menus and wine lists to help you organise your group and make arrangements for the little details to personalise your celebration.  

Happy to chat, just give us a call or make an appointment to pop in and talk over your special treat.

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